How We Do It

We are not typical therapists; we are real with our clients and we challenge our clients to get real in their therapy.
We work to get to know our clients and we believe that if we can't understand why a client is doing the things they are doing, it is because we have not worked to understand them well enough yet. That does not mean that we will agree with all of their behaviors; we will work as hard as our clients work to change unhealthy behaviors. We will directly challenge thoughts & behaviors that are blocking goals; we are not afraid to be feisty if need be!
We believe that our clients deserve for us to be courageous right along with them and we should not try to help them out of their pain if we are not willing to first join them in it. We'll frustrate our clients at times and we've been known to cry along with them (we ARE human). We also know that we need balance and for that reason, we will laugh with our clients too; laughter is healing (and we aren’t a bunch of wet blankets).
We don't have pencils in our buns (if we have buns, they are messy). Our skirts are probably wrinkled, our mouths could often make a sailor blush, and our minds are a hot mess at times. We are relatable and as true to ourselves as we encourage our clients to be to their selves. We take our shoes off, curse, and we don't always have our shit together. We are also consumers of therapy so we can be our best for our clients.

We are IFS-Informed, Trauma-Informed, Shame-Informed, and Sex-Informed therapists. 

What We Do

In Truth Mental Health Counseling helps bring hope, healing, and direction to adults dealing with crappy memories, guilt, shame, anger, grief, and communication struggles.

About In Truth MHC - The Practice

Our Philosophy

Regardless of the issues you come to address, you will receive care that is rooted in the principle that each person innately possesses the ability to be the very best version of themselves even without our help. Each person is their own expert. Without us, you would, AND WILL, still get to where you want to be. With us, you may get there more quickly, more efficiently, and with compassionate support and some tough love at times!

We are a HUMANISTIC practice! This means that we work to move AWAY FROM PATHOLOGIZING NORMAL REACTIONS TO ABNORMAL LIFE EVENTS! For this reason, we do not like to use pathological terminology such as "disorder" (or even to assign diagnoses, for that matter) while at the same time, we recognize that those who demand this of us are in our midst. Our practice values therapeutic models that work to fully understand you so that all that you do and experience MAKES SENSE. Once we make sense of it all, we will work to unburden your burdens, heal your hurts, reduce your suffering, and change the behaviors that you wish to change. While we draw from most therapeutic modalities, we rely heavily on the use of Internal Family Systems (IFS), Gestalt Therapy, Somatic Focusing, Mindfulness-Based Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Motivational Interviewing, Narrative/Logotherapy, and Bibliotherapy.